In July 2018 Hackney Council conceded the true impact of its road closures could be an a 23.8% increase in westbound traffic on Church St and a 19.9% increase eastbound. In total some 2,080 extra vehicles per day.


5,670 vehicles per day currently use Walford, Beatty and Brighton Roads as a cut-through.

If the roads are closed, there will be:

  • a 40% increase in traffic past Newington Green Primary (up by over 2,600  vehicles per day)

  • a 37% increase in southbound traffic on Albion Road past Grasmere Primary

We believe that’s grounds alone to scrap these proposals and go back to the drawing board. It’s proof that the consultation was fundamentally flawed and incredibly misleading. And this new data is proof that the road closures will have a huge impact on Church Street and neighbouring roads – reducing quality of life for residents, businesses, children and visitors.

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